Aardvark village was a small village of burrows inhabited by the aardvarks that for generations had been ruled and subjugated by the nearby warthogs, who had them dig up grubs for them. Then, Aldwyn's father, Baxley, came to their village while travelling to get the Snow Leopard's crown. He stopped there and made the Mooncatcher sand sign, then used the claw in it to scare the warthogs away and free the aardvarks. They called a whale for him to ride to his destination and then they lived peacefully. A statue of Baxley was made to remember and honor their savior.

When Aldwyn, Skylar, and Gilbert came on their journey to find the Snow Leopard's crown, the warthogs had already come back, and had subjugated them again after being recruited by Paksahara. They had to wait for the whale which was to carry them to their destination, in which time the warthogs came. He tried to do what his father did, but did not have enough telekinetic power to do it at that time. Instead, Gilberts recently and unwillingly acquired Shadow Hound pup came out of his backpack and grew to the size of a full Shadow Hound, scared the warthogs off, went back to normal size, and got back in Gilbert's pack. Soon, the whale they called returned, and they set off.